Our bodies are worthy of care and attention. Beginner or Advanced, we invite you to join us on your mat and learn to connect breath with movement. For kids age 10+.


To help bring the mind to balance, there are numerous practices like affirmations, breathing patterns, mindfulness and the list goes on. Come explore techniques at the weekly meditation classes so your mind can rest and renew in peace. For kids age 10+.

Classical Vocal Music

Every lesson will begin with vocal warm-ups! The right way to breathe, expand your vocal range, project your voice, use optimal pitch, and increase your stage presence will all be taught to you. You will learn a set of abilities that you can use with any kind of music, whether it be classical or contemporary. For kids age 10+.

Tabla Classes

Learn the art of Tabla from an Indian maestro - the authentic way! Tabla lessons offered in group and individual format, to beginners and experienced learners. For kids age 6+. Prior knowledge or experience is NOT required.

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